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Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner

Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner

Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner

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To complete your spa at home we present you with the Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner, a must have... Do your beauty treatments at the confort of your home.

The Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner deep cleans your skin via spatula's vibrations up to 28000 Hz, which easily removes blackheads, whiteheads, ance, grease and dead tissue/cells from pores. When apply with water/toner, the wet exfoliation process leaves your face squeaky clean and refreshed.


This facial spatula doesn't use "cleansing brushes" like other scrubbers. Instead of "brushing" or "peeling" your face, it exfoliates impurities out from pores by "jiggling" at ultra high frequency. You control the pressure, agnle and direction, focusing on problem areas without harsh abrasion exerted on your skin, therefore no flushed red from aggressive scrubbing.


All 4 functions built in a compact form. UT Cleaing: Cleaning dirt and oil from your skin by high frequency vibrations. EMS: Electro pulse helps muscle contracts and microcirculation for facial skin lifting and firming. Ion Import: Also called "infusion", helps infusing skincare deeply into your skin therefore better absorption and effectiveness. Ion Export: Ion+ attracts blackeads, excessive oil and dead skin cells as they usually carrying "negative" charges. All the 4 Modes work along with blue light or red light.

Blue Light - Inhibit the growth of acne with anti-inflammation and skin repair effect, reduce the risk of leaving scars.

 Red Light - Help increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen and speed up metabolism, making your skin firm and shiny in smooth texture.


More hygienic beauty tool since stainless steel spatula doesn't attract bacteria comparing with brushes/discs. One button design minimizes learning cost, ensuring press-and-go cleaning experience. Built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery delivers up to 1hr of cordless facial therapy. Featured with overcharge/shortcircuit/overcurrent and other protecion, a fault-free operation is assured.


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